Digital ultrasounds are some of the most powerful and useful tools in vet medicine. For pet parents looking for a pet urgent care that can provide accurate diagnostics, we’re here to help at Animal Medical and Surgical Hospital! Our veterinary care team in Tulsa and Broken Arrow, OK, is on a mission to help our furry companions through their most dire circumstances. Whether you’re having issues with grooming, dental issues, boarding, and so much more, our vet clinic is here to help. With a digital ultrasound, you can have peace of mind knowing our veterinarian will get to the root cause of your pet’s issues.

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What Is a Digital Ultrasound?

Digital ultrasound is an advanced medical imaging tool that can provide a detailed, internal view of your pet. Ultrasounds are used for diagnosing issues like heart and liver diseases, kidney stones, infections, and more. By using sound waves instead of radiation, a digital ultrasound allows our veterinarian to see inside your pet’s body without exposing them to any potential harm.

Is a Digital Ultrasound Safe?

Yes! Digital ultrasound is a completely safe and non-invasive imaging tool. Our veterinary specialists can use this technology to quickly diagnose and treat any form of illness or injury, without having to rely on radiation or invasive procedures. Additionally, our staff will take great care in making sure your pet is comfortable throughout the process.

Will I Receive Results Immediately?

Our team at Animal Medical and Surgical Hospital understands that you want results as soon as possible. That’s why we provide onsite ultrasounds with same-day results so that our medical team can get to work right away on the best treatment plan for your pet. Not only does this mean a quicker diagnosis, but it also allows us to provide a more comprehensive treatment plan that addresses the root cause of your pet’s issue.

Why Choose AMSH?

At Animal Medical and Surgical Hospital, we strive to meet the highest standards in veterinary care. Our compassionate team is dedicated to providing quality service while keeping an eye on safety and comfort. We understand how important it is for pet parents to have accurate diagnostics when it comes to their beloved pets—which is why we only use state-of-the-art digital ultrasounds. Our digital ultrasounds can provide detailed images that are both fast and accurate, so our veterinarian can get to the root cause of your pet’s issues as quickly as possible.

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