At Animal Medical and Surgical Hospital, our conveniently located facility in Tulsa and Broken Arrow are your pet’s home away from home for quality veterinary care and services. To help keep your pet’s health the best it can be, our veterinarian and experienced staff provide preventive care services to ensure your pet’s quality of life.

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Our Veterinary Services

At Animal Medical and Surgical Hospital, we offer many services, from arthritis and allergies to pet dermatology and senior pet care, as well as a variety of other services designed with your pet in mind. These include puppy and kitten care, a spay and neuter program, pregnant mare care, ear infections, and many more. We also provide boarding services when you need to be away and want your pet to be safe and secure.

One of our areas of expertise are preventive care, which involves ongoing care throughout your pet’s life to help maintain a healthy life and diagnose potential problems before they become major issues for your pet.

Preventive Care

When pets visit our hospital, our preventive care services offer a variety of choices to keep pets healthy. An important service is a wellness exam by our veterinarian. Once an initial pet exam is performed, following up with annual exams allows our staff to continually track your pet’s health. If there are any changes to your pet’s health, the vet can follow up with specific lab work to aid in diagnosing any medical issues.


Providing pets with a core set of vaccinations helps protect them from contracting diseases in the environment and from other outdoor animals that may be ill. Vaccinations include prevention against rabies, distemper, and other deadly diseases.

Parasite Control

Fleas and ticks are common even for indoor pets. These parasites can easily be transported by a pet that has been outside for a walk and brings the parasites inside, or by the parasites attaching themselves to clothing worn by a pet parent. Once inside the home, if not treated, they can infest the interior and your pet, causing irritation, hair loss, and posing a threat to your dog or cat’s health.

Pet Dentistry

An annual dental exam and cleaning are recommended for your pet, just like pet parents need dental care to prevent problems. Regular exams and cleanings can help maintain your pet’s dental health.

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