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Vaccination Cost

Exam with Vaccines is only $38.00

Dog Vaccines:

Rabies Vaccine:  1 year– $18.79                   3 year– $55.36     Start at 16 weeks of age

 DHPP Vaccine:   1 year– $30.24                  3 year– $69.70    Start at 6 weeks of age

 Leptospirosis Vaccine: $26.32                        Start at 12 weeks of age and given yearly

Bordetella Vaccine $23.58                           Start at 12 weeks of age. We recommend to give every 6 months

Canine Influenza $43.50                             Start at 12 weeks of age. Given Yearly

Fecal Examination: $18.97                          This test checks for intestinal worms which can be transmitted to people

Heartworm Test: Heartworm test only – $35.06              Heartworm with 4 tick borne diseases test – $50.45

Feline Vaccines:

Rabies Vaccine: 1 year–$18.79     3 year–$55.36

 FVRCP Vaccine: $21.56

 Feline Leukemia Vaccine: $40.00

Pet Vaccinations Explained

The simplest explanation of pet vaccinations is that they are classified as nonliving or modified live vaccines. This indicates whether the organisms they contain are dead or purified.

Vaccines with living cultures are proven to provide the best protection for your pet because they can activate the immune system to build stronger immunity to the organisms. Targeting the immune system, but not overwhelming it, is the crux of how vaccines work.

At Animal Medical & Surgical Hospital, we offer the most innovative technologies in pet vaccines because your pet’s health is important to us. We are dedicated to providing the very best protection on the market for your pet.

Available Vaccinations


DHLP – Canine Distemper Complex Vaccine

The Canine Distemper Complex vaccine, or DHPP, is a 1 or 3-year vaccine that protects dogs from the canine distemper virus, infectious canine hepatitis, and parainfluenza.


The Leptospirosis vaccine is given yearly to protect against this deadly disease that can be spread to humans.

Parvovirus Vaccine

The parvovirus vaccine is given to puppies and adult dogs on a specific dosage schedule, depending on their age. It protects dogs from canine parvovirus, which can be deadly if not treated quickly.

Lyme Disease Vaccine

The Lyme Disease vaccine is given to puppies and adult dogs on a specific dosage schedule depending on their age. It protects dogs from Lyme Disease transmitted through tick bites.

Bordetella Vaccine

The Bordetella vaccine is given to dogs annually to protect against Bordetella bronchiseptica. This upper respiratory bacterial infection produces “Kennel Cough,” transmitted from dog to dog. We recommend this be given every 6 months for full protection.


FVRCPC – Feline Distemper Complex Vaccine

The Feline Distemper Complex vaccine, or FVRCPC, is given to cats annually to protect against feline calicivirus, feline panleukopenia, and feline viral rhinotracheitis.

FeLV – Feline Leukemia Vaccine

The Feline Leukemia vaccine, or FeLV, is given to cats annually to begin and then every three years. It protects cats from the feline leukemia virus that causes cancer and is incurable.

Dogs & Cats

Rabies Vaccine

The Rabies vaccine is typically given to dogs and cats about every three years to protect them from the rabies virus that transmits through saliva. This vaccination is required by law in all U.S. states.


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