“When you hear the word “ultrasound,” you probably think of expectant, or puppies and kittens. But there’s a lot more to this technology than you might expect, and it’s useful for all people and pets, not just expecting mothers.

Why would a pet need an ultrasound if they’re not pregnant, or if they’re a boy?

Ultrasounds are used for more than just getting a peek at your pet’s litter of puppies or kittens! This technology is mostly used in the veterinary practice to examine a pet’s gastrointestinal tract, or GI, for any issues. If a pet is brought in with any stomach-related issues, they will most likely be given an ultrasound to diagnose the problem.

What do ultrasounds show besides babies?

Ultrasounds are very good at spotting minute details and changes in a pet’s GI tract that X-rays cannot detect! They can also be used to examine a pet’s muscles or heart if they are showing signs of issues in those areas. As the ultrasounds cannot pass through air, so lungs are only visible on their surface level during these exams.

Are there dangers? Is it similar to an x-ray?

This technology is painless and perfectly safe for pets! The procedure only requires the pet to lie still, and sedation can be used if necessary to perform an accurate exam. However, ultrasounds are non-invasive, which makes it a great tool for initial testing. In fact, ultrasounds can be performed on virtually any pet, as it only requires skin contact. This makes it a versatile and valuable tool for veterinarians.

How do ultrasounds work?

Ultrasounds use technology similar to the sonar in submarines, hence why it is sometimes called “sonography”. Bats also use their own form of sonar, called “echolocation,” to help them see! Sonar functions by sending out sound waves and observing their reflection off of physical matter. These echoes can be analyzed to gauge the physical matter’s properties, such as size and shape. Veterinarians go through extensive training to accurately read ultrasound for diagnosis.

Overall, ultrasounds are excellent and safe tests for pets and provide vital information to their caregivers. Come in today to get your pet checked by one of our wonderful veterinarians!”

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