If you’re a breeder, we offer a variety of reproductive services.  In particular, our veterinarian, Dr. Gullic, is passionate about reproductive services and is amazing at what she does!  Here’s a breakdown of what we offer and some frequently asked questions surrounding these services.

Before Breeding:

  • Estrus monitoring (finding the ideal time to breed)
  • Progesterone testing (hormone blood test)- occurs in-house with a same day send out
  • Vaginal cytology (looking at the cells)
  • Initial estrus monitoring (if they do progesterone and cytology)
  • Semen Collection and Evaluation (sperm count, mobility, morphology)

Artificial Insemination:

  • Standing (collect semen from male and inseminate female with it in the same appointment)
  • Surgical (bitch goes under general anesthesia and the semen is directly inserted into the uterine horns) – This is the best option if the stud’s semen is low quality or has been frozen.
  • Transcervical insemination

After Breeding:

  • Ultrasound (pregnancy confirmation)
  • Radiographs (puppy count)
  • C-Section (both planned and emergency delivery)


When should I bring the bitch in for initial monitoring? 

  • 5 days after heat has started

How do I know if the bitch is in heat?

  • There is bloody discharge from vulva and the vulva is swollen and rigid.  If you don’t know when the heat started, come in a.s.a.p. and a time frame can be given.

What is the point of progesterone (P4)? 

  • P4 can tell us when the female has ovulated, allowing for increased chance of pregnancy with correctly-timed breeding.

 How often do we have to do P4?

  • Depending on initial results, usually every other day.

When do we know if the bitch is pregnant?

  • We will perform an ultrasound 3-4 weeks after breeding.

When does the puppy count occur? 

  • 1 week before due date via radiographs

How long is pregnancy? 

  • 63 days from ovulation (around 9 weeks)

When should I do a planned c-section?

  • C-sections are necessary for breeds with high risk of dystocia, which is where the puppy gets stuck during delivery.  Basically, any bulldog breed, micro or exotic American bullies, or litters with a single puppy should have planned c-sections.


With proper veterinary care, we can help ensure a successful and easy pregnancy and delivery.  We can help walk you through the process step-by-step, answer any questions you have, and make sure your dog delivers safely with healthy puppies!


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